About a million years ago, in another lifetime, I took a yoga class for a few months. And though I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time, I hadn’t given it any serious consideration since then.

My friend Jess runs Yoga Grace in Cornwall and at the end of last year she set up a class just around the corner from me, so I knew I wanted to go and give it another try!

I usually feel pretty strong and solid in my skates, on the track, and though I am clumsy I don’t tend to fall over too often. It was a whole different story when I attended this very basic yoga session… It really brought to light some of my weaknesses and instabilities, which immediately made me think “I need more of this!!!!” So here you have it, a basic 30 minute yoga practice designed by a skater and a yoga teacher aimed directly at derby!

Be good to your body skaters,
Saffa :)


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