(photo: Wicked Shamrock) * Offence training post from Luludemon*

Because of the way the rules and skating styles have changed, offensive strategy seems to be a limited commodity these days. Yes, slowing down the pace of the pack does have its advantages in some situations, but moving the pack around and shaking things up can also help rack up some serious points. Here is a great offensive drill to practice with your team to get your jammer through the pack faster and maximize your points in a jam.

The Buddy Fakeout

In groups of three, assign one jammer and one offensive player as buddies, and an opposing blocker. The jammer and offence skate up to the blocker together, with the jammer in front and offence a little behind. The jammer goes outside as though she’s going to try to bust through the outside of the blocker, but she doesn’t go all the way through. As she makes contact and has the blocker looking outside, the offence then comes in behind and goes inside to clear the blocker to make space. Right away, the jammer takes the space made by the offence and gets through inside.

Things to remember:

  • Jammers have to get close to blockers while paying close attention to her offensive buddy to make this work. This move is all about timing and communication.
  • Jammers have to try their darndest not get pushed all the way to the outside – remember your goal is to FAKE to the outside, but your real path is the inside line.

Want to take this drill to the next level? Try these modifications:

  • Offence adds a whip or a pull to help the jammer even more!
  • Flip it! Jammer fakes inside and offence opens up the outside
  • Set up a full pack scenario and work with your entire line-up

Alright! Grab your team, get out there and mix things up!

Love, Lulu.



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