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I have been taught this drill by a few different people at various bootcamps, and I think it’s great one. It’s super adaptable to the skill you want to focus on and for the ability level of the skaters you are coaching.

I love this drill because it progresses so well and has something for both blockers and jammers. Remember – it doesn’t need to look pretty if it gets the job done! Don’t worry about each movement looking like something from Olympic figure skating, if it works, it works ;)

**For a jammer drill only skip ahead to level 3


  • Aim and timing practice for blockers catching a jammer running up the outside line
  • Evasive tactics for jammers


  • Two lines behind the jam line
  • Line closest to the outside track line is the ‘jammers’, line closest to the inside track line is the ‘blockers’ – once you have had your turn through the drill, join the back of the other line so that you alternate playing jammer and blocker



  • Both skaters take off on the whistle
  • Jammers skate at slow to med speed up lane 4
  • Blockers move forward and diagonally across the track to hit the jammer out while trying not to go out themselves
  • Run this through until each teammate has a good handle on it


  • Add speed and urgency
  • Jammer increases speed, but not so much that they consistently outrun the blocker – don’t worry jammers, we’ll get to you!
  • Blockers hit out and take back or reset if they don’t have time to take back


  • Jammers it’s your turn!
  • Now add evasive tactics for your jammers
  • First tactic will be to stay low while skating up the outsideline, when the blocker comes in for the hit stand up right and add a small vertical hop
  • Once you have escaped, run away as fast as you can! This time blockers chase like you mean it into the apex


  • This time jammers will take a lateral hop towards the inside
  • Again, once you have escaped, run away! That blocker is coming for you! You’ve just put all that work in, don’t get recycled!


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