A guest post from Sarah Walker aka Sgt. Walker #5

Roller derby in the UK is a massively growing phenomenon, and the British Championships is testament to this. The tournament, which sees a record 72 women’s leagues from across the UK compete for promotion and victory, is the UK’s first all-encompassing roller derby competition. The British Champs also gave men’s teams their debut Championship tournament in 2015!

We’ve seen this sort of structure in play in America, where WFTDA sanctioned regional and national roller derby championships have been held for years. We’ve watched, we’ve checked stats, and we’ve rooted for our favourite team, and now we’re able to the very same thing here in the UK.

The British Championships has been an amazing thing for so many teams. It gives local roller derby leagues the chance to compete against teams they may never have met on the track, and learn from those teams. From as far north as the Highlands of Scotland, to the Southern tip of Cornwall, grass roots, DIY roller derby leagues finally have a platform to develop.

We’re really excited to launch Pivotstar UK at this pivotal moment in roller derby development, and we can’t wait to bring what we have to the countless incredible teams who are taking this sport to the next level.

See you all on track next year, when the fun begins again!

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