‘By the skaters, for the skaters.’ That is the motto which lies at the heart of roller derby – and it is what Pivotstar is all about. We are a derby brand for derby players – quality products which have the skater in mind.

We know that roller derby players come in all sizes. At Pivotstar we offer an alternative to the mainstream view of what an athlete looks like. As the wise Kamikaze Kitten once said, “in roller derby you can be any shape and make yourself a powerful version of that shape, and be celebrated for that.” We want you to celebrate.

Pivotstar’s founder, Luludemon, has put her heart and soul into roller derby as a sport and as a business. Lulu began her roller derby career on track in 2006 with Vancouver’s Terminal City Roller Girls, and has been a member of Team Canada since it formed to compete in the 2011 World Cup. Lulu has helped grow and develop her league and the sport as a whole, spreading derby love across the globe with her clothing, coaching, and passion for the sport.

My name is Saffa (Feral Perryl #897), I skate with Cornwall Roller Derby in England. Lulu has been one of my derby heroes since I first watched her jam for Team Canada back in 2011 and the chance to work with her could not be missed. I am super excited to be bringing Pivotstar to Europe.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our products, service, or if you just want to say hi. That’s awesome too :)

Feral x